Why Interapid?

Precision, Standards, Quality
You Chose Wisely

The cornerstone of any tool and die business is precision, accuracy, and reliability. For decades the leader in these three fields has been the Interapid indicator, a swiss-made instrument. No other indicator comes close to its legendary quality. As an essential component to any tool and die shop, the Interapid features:

  • Extreme level of precision down to ±0.01mm
  • Built to the highest standards of quality and durability
  • High contrast design allowing for quick measurement

The Interapid is more than just a precise feat of engineering, it is the solution to all of your shop’s indicator needs. In the tough world of tool and die work, every dollar saved and minute spared is critical. The main benefits of the Interapid are:

  • Reduced workload: due to its readability and precision, you know that when you’re using your Interapid indicator you’re getting the job done right the first time.
  • Reduced cost: Don’t fall for cheap imitations. The Interapid is a “buy it for life” purchase. Its high quality level of design means that your Interapid can last for decades with only the most basic of repairs.
  • Improved quality: Your customers expect a lot from you, doesn’t it make sense to you expect the same from your tools? The Interapid indicator’s peerless level of precision and repeatability means that your clients will be getting only the finest products from your shop.

Why is all of this important you ask? The fact of the matter is, you chose wisely. Interapid tools are the finest in the world and they will last a lifetime if you take care of them.

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